This week Microsoft is hosting its big annual North American TechEd conference in New Orleans (the European version is in Madrid later in the month and Ben will be there). This year we’re expecting some big announcements, so I thought it would be fun to make some bold predictions (deliberately steering clear of the things that I know are definitely going to happen).


  • There’s going to be a System Center dashboard as a modern UI (“metro”) app.
  • We’re going to get sick to the back teeth of hearing the word “cloud”. (Actually that’s not an especially bold prediction – it’s practically a given.)
  • Once again, IT professionals are going to fear for their jobs on the basis of cloud advancements.
  • Modern versions of the Office apps are going to be mentioned in passing, but Outlook will be conspicuously absent (and make an appearance in Madrid).
  • Microsoft Surface devices are going to be part of the buzz all week (because of the sweet deals for attendees), then not talked about much afterwards.

Although it’s not long since the release of Windows Server 2012, I’m excited for the R2 release of both Server and System Center. It’s going to be good!


  • ¬†Cloud, Cloud, Cloud, IaaS, Cloud Center System Management Cloud Server 2013
  • Hopefully some news on Server 2012 “Blue” update (R2 perhaps?)
  • Some news about what’s next for System Center generally given SP1 dropped recently

I’m pretty interested to see what comes out of TechEd USA given that BUILD and TechEd EU are following on quite closely. From the rumours MS have been driving pretty hard on updates to it’s big products this year & now is when is when we’d expect to learn more about what they have been up-to in advance of a autumn/winter release.. it seems like just a case of second guessing which event MS will use to show their hands at.