I have a terrible memory, but because I use the heck out of OneNote, that’s not a problem.

OneNote is one easily top of the list of applications that I couldn’t live without, and yet a huge number of people who have Microsoft Office installed on the PC in front of them have never bothered to open it. Part of that is because when it first appeared, it was marketed as a great companion to one of those Tablet PCs that hardly anyone bought. I’ve always maintained that you didn’t need a stylus or a touch screen to make the most out of OneNote. It’s just a really good way of storing information in a well organised and easily searchable way, and with your notebooks synchronised across all of your devices, it keeps all of that as accessible as could be.

Microsoft MVP Thomas Maurer tells us why OneNote is awesome on his blog. Even though I’ve used every version, I discovered some great tips from this post.

Microsoft has kindly made OneNote permanently free across all platforms, including a new Mac version. You can go and get it fromĀ http://www.onenote.com/download – I urge you to give it a try.